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Our 2nd Annual Director's Dinner is on Wednesday evening, March 27, at the award-winning 21c in downtown Lexington (map here)!

We will have an open bar serving-- among other choices--Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked and accompanying cocktails.

6:00 - 7:00pm

Happy Hour / Cocktail Hour

**Note: All are invited up to my room between 5-6pm for pre-game beverages! This is where you'll be able to sample Team Des' and Team RTB’s Single Barrel Woodford Reserve, from our own private stashes. :)

Don’t forget, we’re playing the “White Elephant” game, so bring a fun gift that’s unique to your neck of the woods (only $20 suggested price) to exchange with one of our other family members, from their own neck of the woods! Example: some Kansas City BBQ sauces for some Canadian Maple Syrups!

Lastly, we're again playing The Sugarboo Game, but this year with the founder and owner of Sugarboo, himself, Mr. Rick Puig of the Atlanta area! Bring your life stories, laughter and tears!