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Like in 2018, we're once again offering a diverse array of options to make your Bluegrass experience one of a kind. Women and men can choose between Badger's Ultimate, Silky Soft Performance Racing Shirts or Columbia's super premium Mach 38 or Jackson Creek jackets!

Our "Ultimates" are included in your standard registration or we offer our Columbia option at 50% off retail prices if you'd like to upgrade. ("Upgrade" means "trade in" your Ultimate for a Columbia.)

FAQ's for our many Swag Options

  1. Columbia Mach 38 for Women and Columbia Jackson Creek for Men are optional upgrades. All standard 2019 Half-Marathoners, 7-Milers and Yearlings receive one of our brand new, silky soft, "Ultimate" Performance Racing Shirts in royal blue if you choose not to upgrade! Women can choose between short or long sleeve, as can men.
  2. Yes, you can order both an Ultimate Performance Racing Shirt and a super premium Columbia upgrade! During our online registration process, just upgrade to your preferred premium Columbia swag item when asked. The next screen will give you the additional option for one of our Ultimates.
  3. Yes, if you've already registered but didn't initally upgrade to Columbia, you still can. Just login to your RunSignUp RunTheBluegrass 2019 profile and click on the "Swag Upgrade Options" tab and follow the steps.
  4. You can order as many Ultimate Performance Racing Shirts as you want! You'll see them in RunSignUp's "Add-On" section. Additional Ultimate Performance Racing Shirts are only $20/ea.
  5. The earlier you register and upgrade, the bigger your discount off retail.
  6. If you want two or more super premium Columbia swag options, it's also very doable, it just requires a roundabout way of getting there. For your first one, you can upgrade as described above in RunSignUp's "Swag Upgrade Options" section. Your first super premium Columbia swag item is discounted quite a bit, since your race registration helps us defray some of its cost. Your second Columbia super premium swag item will be available in our Official Online Store as soon as it's up and running for 2019 (this fall, likely), and will be discounted at about 25% below normal retail, so that we also come out on top with you. You will need to order your 2nd or 3rd Columbia items by February (or before they sell out, whichever comes first).

If you still have questions, email Jill [at] RunTheBluegrass [dot] org!

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