The non-profit LeXenomics Group was founded in 2010 by Lexington, Kentucky native Eric Marr - and exists specifically to help people more easily and successfully pursue their dreams.

In an economy with 60-80% of Americans dispassionate about their careers… in an economy where income growth has stagnated for 1-2 generations… we obviously need a new way.

And that way fundamentally revolves around about bringing out each person’s individual talents to the max, not only yielding personal fulfillment, but likewise creating a more successful and prosperous outward economy for all.

We achieve our goals with a three-pronged approach:

  1. We connect smart, driven people who haven’t yet connected
  2. We raise the level of consciousness inside and outside of Lexington, branding (educating) citizens about opportunities and cool, new developments happening right here in Central Kentucky
  3. We raise money and reinvest that money into local, new, innovative pursuits. Local entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, ideators and risk takers.

Besides RunTheBluegrass, our other projects include:


Our grant-giving arm for dreamers, pursuers and makers


Best of the Bluegrass Awards:

Annual party each January celebrating those Kentuckians who inspire the rest of us!