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A Runner's Guide to Shoes

by Mark Montgomery

With gifts for you on the back page!

Hit "Full Screen" to enjoy flipping through, the best!

Part of RTB Collaborations, A Runner's Guide to Shoes by Running Shoe Guru Mark Montgomery, General Manager of Allsports of Lexington, really shows off Mark's genius.

Mark, as you can discover personally at Expo next week, knows everything there is to know about running shoes - and how to tell which ones are best for you. He's personally been fitting Rachel and I for the last several months, and it's made a huge difference. (Nike Zoom Flys for me and Saucony Kinvaras for Rach.)

Mark has been a leader in the athletic and running shoe industry for 33 years. On top of that, Mark is a 3:25 Marathoner and a 1:34 Half-Marathoner, so he knows, first hand, what works and what doesn't when it comes to your best shoes. As an insider, he's privy to all the trends, helping you wade through all the info out there.

I encourage you to flip through this short book, then seek out Mark, Michele, Blaine and their Allsports crew at Expo next week so you can run YOUR best from now on!