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Tech Bugs

We’ve been investing into and launching a brand new registration platform for 2020 and beyond, as we want more direct control over the entire year-long experience we can provide.

I want our online system to be just as fast, clean and elegant as today’s modern technology demands.

It’s definitely had some kinks, especially if you’re still using Internet Explorer for your browser. (I recommend Chrome or Safari, even Firefox.)

If you experience a glitch, please use this form to describe what’s happening and I, Eric, the Race Director, will personally see it. (This form’s data feeds into a database so I can keep every issue organized and categorized easier.)

Tours, Parties, Special Events.

Sponsors + Expo Vendors.

Rachel Crabtree coordinates all of our special Race Week Experiences, as well as our partnering hotels, sponsors and expo vendors.

Customer Service

For most “regular questions,” regarding your actual race experience, Jill Huffman can help you!

Group Hospitality + Farm Liaison

Vanessa Seitz has been with us for two years, and in Central Kentucky’s Thoroughbred Farm industry for twenty. Let her know if you need anything!

Streakers, Swag Options, or any 2019 Loose Ends

Lia Davidson is your woman for that!