Summer Run Club!

Miles + Vacay Pics = Winning!

May 26 - September 1

Train with us this summer (virtually, or literally here in Lex) and earn opportunities for serious RTB prizes! The more miles you run and log via our mobile app's Summer Run Club feature... and the more awesome summer vacation running pics you post from around the world on our Facebook page (obvi in RTB gear!)... the greater your chances of winning prizes!

Our Calendar of Events page shows everywhere we're running around Kentucky this summer! If you live in Cincinnati / Dayton, OH... or near Ashland, KY... or near Bardstown, KY... or in/around Louisville, we're coming to run in your neck of the woods, so come join us!

How to Win

  1. Run!
  2. Log your miles via our app's Summer Run Club feature!
  3. Take great pics while you're running on vacation (or at home) this summer and post on our FB page each Saturday, within our weekly Summer Run Club post! **Bonus points if you're wearing RTB gear in your pics!
  4. The combination of best pics + most summer miles = the winners!

After Labor Day Weekend, we'll name the Top 10 and award prizes to each! Prizes will range from Official RTB Gear to Bourbon to 2019 Race Week Party Tickets to complimentary 2019 Registrations!

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