Registration Insurance Policy and Procedures

Coverage begins when you select it during registration.

Coverage ends at 11:59pm (EST) on race date.

RTB reimburses cost of registration (not taxes or fees).

Claim Filing:

  1. You have 30 days from time of loss/injury, etc, to report a claim for reimbursement.

  2. You have 30 days from the date of our request to provide any further requested proof.

  3. The deadline for filing a claim is 03/23/2019.

  4. To file a claim, email

  5. We refuse to reimburse your claim if:

    (A) you give incorrect data or facts; or

    (B) the loss is not submitted to us in full (claim and further requested proof) by May 1st

What is Covered:

1. You not arriving at the venue due to a delay by the airline used for transportation to the race.

2. Your death.

3. The death of an immediate family member on or within 14 days prior to the race.

4. Any serious injury or any unforeseeable serious illness occurring to you which results in you being unable to attend. You must be examined by a physician within 72 hours of the injury/illness and the physician must advise you not to attend the event.

5. Any serious injury or any unforeseeable serious illness occurring to your immediate family member that is considered life threatening within 7 days of the race and requiring your presence by medical staff.

6. Your automobile having a mechanical breakdown within 24 hours of the event which results in the vehicle being unable to be driven to the event.

7. You or an immediate family member, on active military duty, having personal leave status changed, except for disciplinary reasons, which prevents you from attending the event.

8. Your pregnancy, as long as the pregnancy occurs after the effective date of coverage, which can be verified by medical records and your physician advises you not to attend the event for which the ticket was purchased.

9. You being directly involved in a traffic accident on the day of the event that causes damage to the vehicle which creates an immediate need for repair to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle.


What is not covered:

1. Existing or chronic medical conditions;

2. Intentionally self-inflicted harm, suicide or attempted suicide by you;

3. Existing normal pregnancy, fertility treatments, childbirth or elective abortion, other than unforeseen complications of pregnancy of you,

4. Mental or nervous health disorders, including but not limited to: Alzheimer’s, anxiety, dementia, depression, neurosis or psychosis;

5. Alcohol or substance abuse;

6. Financial default;

7. Any unlawful acts committed by you

8. Changes to personal plans; or b. having a business or contractual obligation

9. The event being cancelled or delayed by the race for any reason (including bad weather)

10. Lost or stolen tickets  

11. Any expected or foreseeable occurrences.