Who inspires you?

With their sweat, their extraordinary effort, their relentless hard work?

Who makes you a better person?

Tell us, below, and as our complete gift, on behalf of you, and on behalf of the entire world, we will deliver to that person* this custom-embroidered sweatband, along with a card, describing just how much their sweat means to you and to the rest of the world.

And then, once the time arrives, we want to see pictures of you and your inspirational role model together!

**UPDATE from Eric, RTB Race Director (Sat. November 18th): In our first 2 1/2 days after announcing our brand new Sweatband Project, already 250 RTB sweatbands have been ordered for our world's most inspirational people! I'm temporarily closing future orders until we receive, fulfill and ship these first 250, then we will determine if we will re-open, perhaps in January.

Very Important Notes:

  1. You cannot buy one for yourself. Our wristbands can only be earned.
  2. There is no charge to you. These are 100% our gift to those amazing people out there who make our world a better place with their hard work, their sweat, their relentless dedication. For those people who inspire you to be better!
  3. We can mail one of our RTB Wristbands to you, for you to personally present to your inspirational role model, or we can mail it directly for you, on your behalf, if your recipient lives beyond your immediate reach.
  4. Either way, inside the package will be a card, along with our sweatband, telling your recipient exactly what they do that inspires you and makes you a better person.
  5. We expect to begin shipping these the first week in December.
  6. We want to see awesome photos of you with your recipient, to share on our social media channels!