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"One of the Ten Best Scenic Drives in the United States"

photo by Lonnie Webster


Our Half-Marathoners traverse 2.2 miles along Kentucky's historic Old Frankfort Pike, ranked by Trails.com as "one of the ten best scenic drives in the United States." Rich with history, heritage, (yes, rolling hills!), scenic views and the birthplace of American Thoroughbred Racing, Old Frankfort Pike is one of the prettiest stretches of land in the world.

Hydration Stations

We provide SWORD Performance Hydration along with Highbridge Spring Water at all seven of our Half-Marathon's hydration stations (four throughout our 7-Mile course).

SWORD is the next generation of performance hydration, designed by doctors for endurance athletes and contains all-natural ingredients and no added sweeteners.

For more information about SWORD, visit DrinkSword.com.

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