Our Tenth Anniversary!

Over 1400 alumni have already registered, smashing our previous record of 990!

Welcome to the Year of X!

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 Few other farms in history compare to Claiborne Farm!

Home of Legends for over 100 years!

From 1910 through today, few names carry the weight and prestige as the name Claiborne Farm. Established by Arthur B. Hancock and then brilliantly developed by son “Bull” and grandson Seth, Claiborne is now in the hands of Walker Hancock—the fourth generation of excellence. With this iconic family leading the way, Claiborne Farm has been synonymous with champions for generations.

Here are the names of Champions that even the most casual racing fans recognize that have called Claiborne Farm home:

Secretariat* Bold Ruler Mr. Prospector Danzig Swale

Seabiscuit Forty Niner Gallant Fox* Seeking the Gold

*Triple Crown Winner. All in all, 6 of history’s 13 Triple Crown Champions have come from Claiborne stallions.