Frequently Asked Questions


Race-Related FAQ's

What time does the race start?

Our Yearling (3.65 Miler) begins at 8:50am.

Our Half Marathon and 7 Miler begin at 9:00am, with wave starts.

Please be in your corral by 8:30am!

May I change Waves?

We assign about 750 runners to each of our six Half-Marathon waves, and our 7-Miler has approximately 600 runners. We have these seven waves to provide you ample running room, particularly in the beginning, before everyone spreads out. We prefer you stay in your assigned wave, but we know you want to run with your friends, so it's ok if you switch, just please respect others' desire for space!

May I change events?

You may change from one race event to another, provided the event you wish to switch to is not sold out. Simply log in to your RunSignUp account (or click the "manage registration" link in your confirmation email) and click on "Switch Events." 

There is a $15 administrative fee, and you will be charged the price difference (if any) between events as well.

After February 28, all transfers must be done at expo. (Refunds cannot be given, if the event you are switching to is less than what you originally paid.)

I need to make a change to my registration.

You can change most information on your registration (name, shirt size, social team, etc) by going to the Run Sign Up page and logging in to your account, or you can click the "Manage Registration" link from your registration confirmation email.

After February 28, all changes must be done at expo.

What is the weather like in Lexington, late March / early April?

On average, early spring creates perfect running weather here in Kentucky! It is typically around 45 or 50 degrees at race time here in the Bluegrass, with lows around 40 the night before and usually reaching up to 60 degrees later on in the afternoon after you’re home.

Is the course hilly or flat?  Challenging, easy, or…?

A test… Kentucky’s rolling hills with a few flat spots… exquisitely beautiful… challenging… and inspirational.  The best way it’s been described: “RunTheBluegrass is a technical course.”More details, including maps, elevation charts and photographs of our Half-Marathon and 7-Mile courses can be found here.

Will there be a printable version of the Course Map available?

Yes – Click Here! (In PDF format for your convenience.) You will also receive a 32-page, full color Official Race Guide at our 2017 Race Expo, complete with detailed map.

Is there a time limit?

Yes, 3 hours and 30 minutes for our Half-Marathon, which is approximately a 16 minutes/mile pace. Our seventh and last wave goes off at 9:12am, so our runners/walkers need to arrive at our Half-Marathon / 7-Mile Split Point at Mile 3.34 ("the chicken house") by 10:07am, otherwise you will be diverted to our 7-Miler. Our 7-Milers have the same 3 hour and 30 minute limit, so they (obviously) have plenty of time. This time limit is in effect out of respect for our many farm owners along our course, who are in the middle of their Thoroughbred breeding season!

RunTheBluegrass 2014 Barrel Head 1st Place Final Version.png

What are the Overall Winners Awards?

Our top three men and women each receive an authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrel head to display at home or work to commemorate their amazing accomplishments!

What are the Age Groups? And what are the Age Group Awards?

Bourbon Barrel Age Group Awards with softer glowing edges.png

Our handmade, solid oak Bourbon Barrel Age Group Awards for the top three finishers in each Half-Marathon Age Group are some of the most popular around!

Our Age Group Categories:

  • < 18 Male and Female
  • 19-24, Male and Female
  • 25-29, Male and Female
  • 30-34, Male and Female
  • 35-39, Male and Female
  • 40-44, Male and Female
  • 45-49, Male and Female
  • 50-54, Male and Female
  • 55-59, Male and Female
  • 60-64, Male and Female
  • 65-69, Male and Female
  • 70+, Male and Female
  • Men's Clydesdale Division (220+ lbs.)
  • Our Men's Clydesdale Winners receive beer growlers!
  • Women's Athena Division (160+ lbs.)

We also award Age Group Awards for our 7-Miler (pint glasses) and Overall Top Three Awards in our Yearling. Awards may be picked up at our Athletes' Services tent at our Finish Line; unclaimed awards will be taken to Allsports in Fayette Mall by Friday, April 14th.

We will mail unclaimed Age Group Awards to you, upon request, 2-3 weeks after Race Day, for a $25 shipping and handling fee.

Are headphones allowed?

Yes, you may certainly wear headphones during our race as we support you doing whatever helps you run your best race. Like at all good races, we have emergency personnel stationed along our course – and just like at any other time you run, please be aware that an emergency vehicle might need to pass through at some point.

Also, our course (obviously) races right through the heart of Thoroughbred country, and we race in the middle of their breeding season. While Lexington’s Police are closing all of our roads to through traffic, there’s still a slight chance a horse-related emergency vehicle might need to pass through on Race Morning. Lexington’s Police and our volunteers are very well prepared for any such scenario.


Free! And plentiful! Keeneland Race Course has been hosting tens of thousands of visitors a day during Thoroughbred Racing Season, since 1936.

Hydration Stations

There are seven water & SWORD hydration stations positioned along our course. We are providing Highbridge Spring Water, the best in Kentucky, to all of our runners!

Are paper registration forms available?

Yes! Click here to download 2017′s PDF paper registration form.

When and where is Packet Pick Up?

2017's Race Expo will be Thursday and Friday, March 30th and 31st at Keeneland. Not only come and receive your RunTheBluegrass 2017 Race Swag, but party with us as we celebrate the arrival of springtime in the Bluegrass!!!

You only need to bring your ID to receive your Race Packet.

Packet Pick Up is not available on race morning – there simply isn't enough time before the beginning of our race. If you cannot attend our Expo, you may send a friend with your printed registration confirmation to claim your race bib and swag for you.

I’d like to Volunteer!

We work hard to treat our runners like royalty, and we work hard to treat our volunteers like royalty, too!. TONS of locally catered food and snacks all Race Week long, plus complimentary General Admission passes to a day at the races during Keeneland’s beautiful Spring Meet! Click here for details and to sign up!

Where Do Race Proceeds Go?

The LeXenomics Group, Inc. is a Kentucky-based non-profit organization founded to help good, new ideas grow faster. We devote our energy and resources to innovators, ideators, doers, entrepreneurs and go-getters!

85% of RunTheBluegrass proceeds get reinvested back into Bluegrass area businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.

What about registration refunds, transfers or deferrals?

**New for 2017: registration insurance via AGA Service Company, a partner with our online registration company, RunSignUp. To read AGA's complete information, click here.

Runners who do not opt for this registration insurance will not be eligible for refunds. We cannot accommodate deferrals or refunds, on our own, as we buy your Official Race Swag and Amenities well before Race Week.

Bib transfers will only be available until we sellout with 5000 participants, for a $15 transfer fee. We will keep you posted when the sellout occurs. You may begin the transfer process by going to your registration confirmation email and clicking on the "manage registration" link. If you can't find your confirmation email, you can search for your registration here

After February 28, all transfers must be done at expo.

Is there a shuttle from the hotel to Keeneland?

No. There is ample - and free - parking near our Start and Finish Lines at Keeneland. (Keeneland Race Course has been hosting tens of thousands of visitors a day, during Thoroughbred Racing Season, since 1936.) Without traffic, it takes just 12+/- minutes to drive from most of our partnering hotels to Keeneland, but on Race Day there is quite a bit of traffic all arriving at once, so we recommend you plan to arrive close to 8:00am.

Are there water stations/port-a-potties?

We have seven fully stocked aid stations along our Half-Marathon and four along our 7-Miler. Each station will have spring water and SWORD hydration beverages, as well as first-aid kits and portapotties.

Can I bring my pet/stroller?

Thank you for being considerate enough to ask! Strollers with small children are allowed. Unfortunately, USA Track & Field regulations now do not allow pets during insured / sanctioned events.

Do you offer Gear Check at the Start / Finish?

Yes! You are welcome to have clean clothes and other personal belongings waiting for you at our Finish Line by checking them in before our Start!

Is your site secure?

Yes, from head to toe! If you look, you'll see the "https://" in your browser window, alongside the green lock!

I need to change my Lightweight, Vintage Hoodie size. How can I do this? 

In your registration confirmation email, you will find a blue link that says Manage Registration. Click this link to make any necessary changes. You may change shirt sizes up through February 28th. After that time, depending on availability, you may be able to exchange sizes at our Finish Line Expo on April 1st.

Can we register either at the Race Expo or the morning of the Race?

Expo registrations are accepted if your event is not sold out. "Day of" registrations are impossible due to time restraints.

FAQ's related to Experience the Bluegrass

Can I purchase Experience tour and party tickets at the Race Expo?

We strongly encourage advanced online reservations (click here for those), as most of our Experience tours, parties and events sold out in 2016. If your particular event has not been sold out come 2017 Expo time, however, you certainly are welcome to buy tickets "at the door."


Kids Race FAQ's

My child is participating in the Kids Race, but needs an escort, may I run with him/her?

A parent or guardian may absolutely accompany little ones who are too small to run alone! As long as the child is registered, the adult can run without registering separately.

What time does the Kids Race start?

7 PM on Friday, March 31st, starting at the end of Keeneland's Entertainment Center Drive, near our Finish Line. 

Do Kids Race participants receive a t-shirt?

Yes! Kids participating in our Kids Half Marathon or our Kids One Miler both receive a RunTheBluegrass Kids Race tshirt included with their $15 registration. 


2017's Kentucky Half Classic

If I'm already registered for both races, do I need to do anything else?

No! You are all set! We will follow up with you with specific Half Classic instructions as we approach March and April, but all you need to do is come to each of the two Expos and "check in" at our Kentucky Half Classic space to receive your Race Bib's special Half Classic sticker - which will not only identify you for our unique Kentucky Half Classic Finisher Medals, but also for your special food and drinks area, post-race.

If I'm already registered for one of the two races, what do I need to do?

Once you are signed up for both, we take care of the rest! When you register for the second of the two races, just click the box indicating you are running in our 2017 Kentucky Half Classic!

If I'm running RunTheBluegrass 2017 and 2017's Derby Festival Full Marathon, do I still qualify?

Yes! All finishers of RunTheBluegrass and Kentucky Derby Festival's miniMarathon or Marathon qualify as 2017 Kentucky Half Classic finishers!


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